The Founding of Westport

Founded sometime BC by the Elders, Westport is an ancient town that was built on the principle that anyone can live there. While its roots can be traced to Celtic settlers, it is unclear whether the residents that followed continued to practise their beliefs.

Celtic symbolism can be found on most of the buildings to this day, and the language is still taught at Larkfield Secondary School.

It is believed by older generations that the town was established to protect the settlers from the Great Birds in the sky, now known as dragons, as it sits on the edge of a lake, in a forest between two mountains, so the terrain was unfamiliar and confusing to larger airborne creatures.

The Elders are said to have contained three practitioners, however, now the elders of the land are mostly made up of the descendants of the originals. This is widely disputed amongst the people, but as records were not kept during the founding of Westport, so, therefore, it is quite impossible to tell who is descended from whom.

Over the years, Westport has developed to the edge of the lake, taking over most of the land below the lake too, in order to accommodate those who need to live either in or close to water. This was met with controversy, as the townspeople still fear that which lives below the waves.


As the town expanded, the preservation of the forest was key to the elders, as they made specific wards and enchantments to protect the trees and those that live amongst them. While some were cut down, in order to make room for shelter, they are almost always restored to another place. There are strict laws regarding the protection of trees within Westport.

The first newspaper (The Westport Daily), and indeed the first railway connection to Westport (Westport East Station) appeared during the late 1800’s, and the people of the town began to receive higher education from nearby universities. This lead to the expansion of the town library, which now boasts an education centre, children’s centre and studying academics working within its walls.

Today, the town of Westport is a thriving community with people and creatures from all walks of life. The Elders are mostly called upon for lawful disputes, but it is governed by the Mayor’s office. The town meeting is attended at a high rate each month.

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