Our New Logo: Interview with Greedy Gremlin Designs

Our new logo was designed by the wonderful Greedy Gremlin Designs.

We caught up with Josh Enell, the designer from Greedy Gremlin, in order to ask him about the process of making the logo …

Josh, how did you get into design?

When I was at university I was doing a project on self-promotion. As I was researching and figuring out what I want my brand to be, I came up with Greedy Gremlin. There isn’t any meaning, the name stuck out because it was different and memorable.
The idea grew from there, and I started a small clothing company under the brand. I then changed the direction into more freelance work because I enjoyed that so much more.

What kind of thought process goes into designing a logo for a fictional town?

With every design process, I ask the client on little details about their project (in this case, the fictional town). I got an idea of what the town would look at feel like so that I could incorporate that into the design and then just let my mind run free and sketch designs in my notebook.

How did you settle on the wolf?

I settled on the design after lengthy discussion and formulating different ideas. The wolf seemed to translate to the real world well too.

Where can the readers find you?

The best place to find me is on Instagram and Facebook:
IG @greedygremlindesigns
FB: /thegreedygremlin

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